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Configure Renewal to Pre-Renewal rAthena

Again just for a little noted :)

This is step to change default Renewal on rAthena to Pre-Renewal, change this file:

src/config/renewal.h, just activate this line:

// Copyright (c) rAthena Dev Teams - Licensed under GNU GPL
// For more information, see LICENCE in the main folder

//quick option to disable all renewal option, used by ./configure
#define PRERE
#ifndef PRERE

all above in this line, give a comment “//”

Then this line to change drop to 0%,  because in conf/battle/drops.conf it can’t give it to 0%.


find this original line:

   { "item_drop_card_min",                 &battle_config.item_drop_card_min,              1,      1,      10000,          

and change default number 1 to 0, look this

   { "item_drop_card_min",                 &battle_config.item_drop_card_min,              1,      0,      10000,          

Some custom in src/common/mmo.h

#define PACKETVER 20120410
#define MAX_ZENY 2000000000 ///Max zeny
#define MAX_FAME 2000000000 ///Max fame points
#define MAX_STORAGE 850 ///Max number of storage slots a player can have, (up to ~850 tested)

After done, you can save it, and recompile your emulator.



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