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alan200Alan, you are somewhat right-hemisphere dominant and have a strong visual preferences, ablend of characteristics which typically apply to persons with an “aristic” temperament.

In all likelihood, you naturally act in that people have come to expect artist to act. With your dominant visual learning style you are active and seeking,working to absorb all of the facets of your environment, your mind reraly rest, for even when you are not scouring the environment you are turning your searchlight on your own internal processes.

You are intense! in continually processing the data as you do an a multidimensional evel, you spend little of your time in reflection — or sometimes in social niceties, There is a hight probabylity that you are “out of check” — though not out of control — sometimes, swept away by the feelings of the moment. You are one of those individuals that may well attempt to assemble a complex piece of equipment without reading the directions or following a sequence, though you might look at the diagram. Sequencing your behavior is problematic at times.

You are rarely reflective about yourself or your motivations. You know when things are right because you feel it, you intuit as automatically as you breathe. With other, you tend to “go with your guts” not needing rules of expectations to govern you friendships.

You absorb material rapidly and randomly, it is filed “helter skelter” internally. Listening from materials presented in a purely verbal fashion is not your “strong suit” and your performance in situations designed for left-hemisphere dominant persons will not always measure up to the expectations of others. If you have particular learning needs, it is to sequence  material and remain focused while you are processing, to develop “structuring” techniques, and to become more efficient with your spontaneaty and creativity.  (report by characteristic machine on 2008)